Sunday, September 21, 2008

1st month

I am officially 1 month old today !

As part of the celebrations, we were at the temple yesterday to do prayers.

It was my first trip to a temple too.

Lots of ppl were there... n gods too.

It all started out quite exciting .....

until i was put in a rocking cradle --- Zzzzz...

Mummy n Daddy say i can now officially go out for trips. Yippee!!

Daddy's Big Day

Aye Aye Captain!!

Its been a busy few weeks as i got to do and see lots of new things.

Daddy celebrated his 1st Birthday as a Dad on Sept 4.

It was a BIG Bash... i got to blow the candles on the cake !

I really enjoy my baths with my great grandmother.

The world seems to go upside down whenever she bathes me.

So ...What have i been doing u ask? Drink lots of milk, sleep and explore of course.