Thursday, August 28, 2008

Busy Life

Hi everyone !!

Been a few days since i updated my blog .. been really busy sleeping and drinking milk. (Thanks mummy).
N there are still ppl visiting me at odd hours and disturbing my sleep.

Nonetheless i am managing well.

Hey uncle rama .. here's a pic of my spikey hairdo.. seems like i am creating a new wave of hairstyle!
My cousin Adhi just came visiting a while back and he was sporting the same hairdo.
I am loving this new place, my bed is huge compared to the one in the hospital.

Btw, thanks for all the lovely presents that you got me!
There were so many, daddy was complaining as he took 30 minutes to get them all out.

Keep em coming ! hehehe...

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Cool Ones

It was a long hard day for a baby today.

As if drinking milk and sleeping was not hard enough, today i met my relatives.
Wow.. there were so many of 'em. I felt like a star - all the posing, kisses and fanfare.

It was amazing. There was even a dude(my cousin) who sang songs to
put me to sleep!
Jojojojojojo jojojojojo jojojojojojojo....

This guy was amazing.. protecting me from those who tried to awaken me. Gosh.. i feel like so lucky.
N guess what ... my dad says i have not met even half of them yet! A baby's life is tough.

Hmmm ... just realised. Where are my parents?

Tranquility at last

Life sure is beautiful out here, i feel so warm and nicely snuggled.

Time for me to take a well-deserved nap....

Here I come (Day 1)

Finally i am out. After what seemed like ages in a dark place, i finally saw some light.

Hey..whats tat you are sticking up my nose.
Get it OUT!!

First you cut my cord, then you put a tube up my nose,
what now?

When are you guys gonna let me chill?

Finally some peace and quiet. Check out my first top. Ain't tat cool.

Once upon a time

It all begin with these guys (a girl and a guy actually).

They call themselves my parents.

Hey.. u expect me to give you the story of how they met?

This is my blog... So lets get to the story.. they say i was made in HAWAII. as you can guess the picture was taken in Hawaii. My parents ..they think its cool that i was made there, but hey what's the big deal anyways? Hmmm...Only they know the answer.