Friday, August 22, 2008

Here I come (Day 1)

Finally i am out. After what seemed like ages in a dark place, i finally saw some light.

Hey..whats tat you are sticking up my nose.
Get it OUT!!

First you cut my cord, then you put a tube up my nose,
what now?

When are you guys gonna let me chill?

Finally some peace and quiet. Check out my first top. Ain't tat cool.


Rama said...

Hi Rohan, where is the picture of you with the cool hairdo??? Post it pls.

Uncle Rama

Rohan Ram said...

Thank you uncle Rama.. will put it up soon

Anonymous said...

Hi ROHAN!How are you? Im Liyana,ur Father's student!I love ur blog!It looks very cute with ur picture and video!