Friday, August 22, 2008

Once upon a time

It all begin with these guys (a girl and a guy actually).

They call themselves my parents.

Hey.. u expect me to give you the story of how they met?

This is my blog... So lets get to the story.. they say i was made in HAWAII. as you can guess the picture was taken in Hawaii. My parents ..they think its cool that i was made there, but hey what's the big deal anyways? Hmmm...Only they know the answer.


Ganga said...

Cute Blog...

Congrats on your new bundle of joy guys! Luckily just made it to the Leo family eh?

Take care and all the best.

Pupita ^-^ said...

Teacher......ur son b'dae is near 2 me but im earlier than he was..... TC of ur son..........GTG,BB